100% semolina pasta


Adriana pasta is all about quality. That is why all pasta products under this brand are only made from semolina flour. If you are not familiar with the term, let us present it to you.

Semolina flour (or semolina, for short) is wheat groats ground from durum wheat (triticum durum). This type of flour is used to produce high-quality pasta or to prepare semolina cous-cous, bulgur, delicious bread and halva.

It contains more gluten and less starch (as a rule, the higher the gluten level and the lower the starch level, the better the flour). The slower digestion of semolina (compared to traditional wheat) has a positive effect on maintaining body weight (the body only starts to feel hunger after a longer period of time) and ensures balanced physical performance.

Semolina flour pasta does not become overcooked and sticky. It also exhibits a higher nutritional value as it contains more protein and a lot more minerals, and a lower glycemic index (a lower glycemic index is better for the body) compared to traditional wheat.